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   Certification can be a confusing issue with all the certifications available. Which is best for your company?

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   Your company may be the best in its field, but if buyers and procurement agencies don't know about you, what does it matter?

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   Business networking and being aware of upcoming opportunities are critical success factors for your business. Do you know what is happening?

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Recommended Reading

We are currently reviewing numerous books in order to select the few that bring the most value to our clients. Here are a few we feel can help you more your business forward.


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Are You Certifiable?
Understanding the Myriad of Certifications in Public Sector and Corporate Contracting

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Are you a Minority or Woman Owned Business...

Have you considered getting your business certified? If so, which certifications are best for your company? Making sure you have the right certification for your market is crucial to opening new doors of opportunity. Find out more with our new ebook.


Emmy Award Winning Reporter

Jeff Crilley's Free Publicity
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This book is a start to finish guide to making yourself a media darling while raking in a fortune in free publicity.

Jeff Crilley is an Emmy Award Winning Reporter who really knows his stuff!


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The Small Business
Marketing Bible

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Are you frustrated because you're not getting enough qualified prospects? With the right tools ANY SMALL BUSINESS OWNER can have all the customers they want, no matter how poor you think you are at marketing.

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