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   Certification can be a confusing issue with all the certifications available. Which is best for your company?

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   Your company may be the best in its field, but if buyers and procurement agencies don't know about you, what does it matter?

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   Business networking and being aware of upcoming opportunities are critical success factors for your business. Do you know what is happening?

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Our Mission

Our mission is to better prepare Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) to  aggressively seek and win Public and Private sector business opportunities.

We provide a nationwide Minority and Women Business Development Program which  educates, mentors, and leverages the capabilities of these Minority and Women business Enterprises to maximize profitability and sustainability.

We are committed to developing mutually beneficial business relationships with minority and women owned businesses that have the capability to meet or exceed client requirements for products and services.

Identifying these businesses, providing them opportunities to do business with the alliance companies, and helping them succeed are the essential elements to the overall program success.

Overview of

The goal of this web site is to provide a single starting point for resources and information specifically targeted to Minority and Woman Owned Businesses.

Minority and Woman Owned Businesses

There are MANY information sources on the internet in many different categories. In our analysis, we found that some information was duplicated, some was buried, and some was non-existent. In small businesses, time is a valuable asset. The objective of this site is to target specific information needed and make it easily available to those looking for it in the fastest time and fewest clicks possible.

Corporate America

Larger Corporations can also benefit from information and resources on this site as they continue to improve their own supply chain programs. Diversity Supplier programs in both the government and in private corporations provide a means to balance the supplier base demographics with the customer demographics. They can produce a win-win environment for all when set up and managed appropriately.

Explore the Site

Spend time and explore this site. The most popular sections are Certification and our National MWBE Directory. To find information about purchasing opportunities in both the government and in corporations, look in the Opportunity section. The Resources section contains information to grow your business knowledge. BrainTrust Solutions also offers professional Services if your company needs hands on assistance and coaching.

Lastly, what company doesn't need Discounts and Promotions on products they use or access to services specifically targeted to small businesses. Check out our affiliate and partner programs.

Sign up in our Email List and receive information regarding upcoming events, news items, articles, and promotions geared to Minority and Woman Owned Businesses. You can sign up in the left column of any page. As always, you may send us feedback at any time!


Anne Chastain
Founder, BrainTrust Solutions

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